AI First

Perfect combination of AI and data

AI Sight is created on the basis of the data platform. WebComm not only conserves AI energy from AutoML and MLOps platforms, combining the essence of AI and data, we also provide APM, Smart Search, and CDP. We also provide MDP gathering information thoroughly to help businesses make better management strategies and understand more about their customers.

DataRobot AutoML

We provide completely automated corporate platforms that support machine learning, including data preparation, AI application system development, deployment, surveillance, and maintenance, as the only fully automated platform.

DataRobot MLOps

A complete solution for AI operations on a large scale can deploy, monitor, and manage all your online machine learning models in a centralized manner. We use accurate model predictions to build client trust and to demonstrate the commercial value of AI.

Application performance management (APM)

We identify solutions from corporate operations data, to allow enterprises to seize opportunities early, from data collection, analysis, presentation to warnings; we use a data-oriented decision-making approach to enhance their market competitiveness.

Smart Search!

It is a solution for smart search of transaction history and information in a comprehensive manner, regardless of the range, the year, and keywords. Webcomm’s Smart Search platform features a search engine with a full-text search function, and it is an efficient near-real-time instant indexing tool.

Customer Data Platform(CDP)

Webcomm’s customer data platform allows enterprises to carry out their omni-channel marketing strategies, thereby analyzing customers in an all-round manner precisely and providing the most thoughtful customized services. We integrate online digital records and offline customer data to outline a more complete and all-round view of customers while improving the accuracy of a marketing list.

Management Decision Platform

Webcomm’s business decision-making analysis platform provides cloud-based smart solutions. Real-time and effective management decisions can be made according to time and place, and the visualization dashboard lowers the barrier to entry into AI, to allow enterprises to gain insights from data quickly while exercising decision-making judgment, thereby enabling them to devise the most suitable strategy accurately and effectively.

Consulting Support

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