Professional Team

Our experienced team provides enterprises with professional and all-round digital transformation solutions and services. Our diligence and enthusiasm motivate our employees to break through the framework, challenge their limits, and jointly build a professional smart financial service team.


Glen Lien

The Founder and Chairman of Webcomm Technology have led a team of technology-savvy and passionate talents since the company was established in 1998. The company has created the best digital transformation solutions for enterprises with AI, blockchain, cloud, big data, mobile, social community, and other latest technology applications. Under his leadership, Webcomm has become a trustworthy business partner of top 100 corporate clients through market foresight and technological innovation.

Graduating from National Chengchi University with a master’s degree in business management, he excels at identifying market trends, devising strategies, and expanding business.


General Manager

Jay Chen

With work experience at IBM, he has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of R&D, sales, operations management, and strategy development, and knows well the business models and needs of the AI & big data and the cloud sectors. Under his leadership, our team focuses on the development of AI& big data, cloud, and information security solution software services, to create a win-win outcome for clients and Webcomm.

General Manager
General Manager
Jason Chen

Chief Research and Development Officer

He is responsible for product operations and management. With market foresight and technological innovation as the foundation, he has led our team to develop forward-looking digital transformation solutions along the way to enhance the uniqueness and competitiveness of Webcomm’s solutions.

Michelle Huang

Chief Strategy Officer

Once working at IBM, She excels at analyzing market trends and devising strategies from different perspectives, and leads our team to implement strategies with different distribution partners when appropriate with highly flexible communication skills to enhance Webcomm’s service values and momentum.

Vincent Jiang

Chief Information Security Officer

He adopts the most rigorous technology and regulations to safeguard corporate information security. Under his leadership, Webcomm has become one of the leading service providers in Taiwan to establish information security systems for the financial industry.


Howard Ye

Chief Data Officer

Once working as a Data & AI advisor at IBM, he excels at identifying clients’  pain points with design thinking and turning them into executable IT solutions. His software development experiences range from large application platform development, data lake platform establishment, machine learning operations (MLOps) to introduction of data governance process. His extensive development experience provides us with a comprehensive thinking framework for enterprises’ digital transformation.

Tony Ding

Sales Executive

With nearly 20 years of experience in sales, extensive industry experience, and excellent leadership, he identifies clients’ needs and characteristics, leads our team to integrate internal and external resources and to communicate with clients, and provides all-round solutions, to enable Webcomm to be the best partner for clients’ for digital transformation.

Ken Ni

Chief Technology Officer

He leads Webcomm’s strategic development with emerging technologies to accelerate clients’ digital transformation. Under his leadership, our team has helped hundreds of enterprises complete digital transformation successfully.

Michelle Huang



Simer Hsieh



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