Application performance management (APM)

The corporate operations data identification solution enhances market competitiveness through a data-oriented decision-making approach, from data collection, analysis, presentation to warnings.

(Different systems are selected as an indication)


APM integrates application data on various platforms and provides a comprehensive collection mechanism and a self-service drag-and-drop dashboard through ELK/EFK/ElasticSearch from data collection, data analysis, data presentation to data warning, under a microservice system architecture, while meeting the observability of data with multiple observation dimensions to allow enterprises to identify and prevent risks, while making data-oriented decisions to enhance market competitiveness.

(Schematic diagram of the monitoring mechanism)

(Different systems are selected as an indication)


Visualizes multi-dimensional data through the real-time dashboard is for easy access and data analysis.

Collects and monitors data on different platforms


Integrates multi-dimensional data on the same platform, breaks through report fields and platform limitations to access all information completely.

Issues multi-channel warning notifications

Issues multi-channel (email/Line/SMS/Slack) warning notifications to deal with and reduce risks in a timely manner.

Service process tracking mechanism

Records each project service and process completely, speeds up analysis of problems and enhances query convenience, and improves customer experience.

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