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About Us

As a sponsor member of the FIDO Alliance, we provide the internationally certified and highly complete FIDO digital identity solution, to advance with the times and move towards a password-less era with you.

Complete FIDO Solution

With FIDO’s internationally certified UAF and FIDO2, we provide various password-less authentication applications.

Extensive industry experience

We have assisted various industries with the digital transformation with innovative applications in line with forward-looking trends, and assisted many banks in moving towards digital financial services.

Professional advisory services

We have integrated strategic planning and implemented action plans to assist enterprises in creating secure, convenient, and brand-new digital technology services.

Domestic Leading FIDO Provider

As a sponsor member of the FIDO Alliance and a member of the FIDO Taiwan Regional Engagement Forum, we are deeply involved in FIDO Alliance’s international conferences, events, and development direction discussions.

Webcomm’s FIDO assists enterprises in transitioning into the password-less era seamlessly

Webcomm’s FIDO digital identity solutions: UAF and FIDO2 have passed the verification of the FIDO Alliance, making Webcomm the leading provider of the FIDO identity solution in Taiwan.

Security compliance

We have passed the various certifications of the international FIDO Alliance to provide compliant solutions.

Simple settings

We provides a visual interface backend for simple and clear settings

Platform compatibility

SDK of mobile phones supports iOS 10 or above and Android 6 or above.

Diverse applications

We provide diverse applications and customized service interfaces to increase the application values, such as login via QR Code, device linkage, and black and white lists of device models.

Expansion according to load

WebComm FIDO Server can be expanded flexibly and quickly according to load.

UAF Mobile Identification App Solution

With Webcomm’s FIDO SDK on mobile phone
you can enjoy a convenient password-less verification experience right away

Can the app do more than quick verification?
Webcomm’s FIDO solution allows you to use your mobile phone app for biometric verification on websites.

User attempts to log in to website

  • The user completes the quick verification of the app to activate the linkage of the app with a device first, and can also* log in with the same account on websites.
  • Clients scan the QR Code on website

App for biometric verification

  • The user undergoes biometric verification to complete the identity verification on a device

App for biometric verification

  • The signature data in alignment with UAF standards are sent to the FIDO Server for verification. Verification can also be conducted on linked devices.
  • FIDO Server notifies middle-platform users of the passing of identity verification.

App for biometric verification

  • The middle platform of a website sends data to the user’s browser.

FIDO2 online identity verification—WebAuthn app solution

There is no need to install additional app.
The built-in biometrics in the device can be used directly to complete quick login to websites

Identity verification can be conducted through communication between the built-in biometric verification function of the computer and mobile phone and the browser.

User attempts to log in to website

  • FIDO Client Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari all support FIDO2.

FIDO Client

App for biometric verification

  • A built-in authenticator or NFC, Bluetooth, or a biometric verification device connected to a computer is used for identification.

FIDO Client

App for biometric verification

  • The signature data in alignment with FIDO2 standards are sent to the FIDO Server for verification.
  • FIDO Server responds to website middle-platform users regarding the passing of identity verification.

FIDO Client

App for biometric verification

  • Login after successful verification

FIDO Client

FIDO Client

FIDO Client

Consulting Support

For technical questions, please contact us via the request form.

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