Cloud Services

Provide comprehensive and secure cloud service planning for enterprises
Assist enterprises in accelerating digital transformation through cloud services
Provide digital technology services

Corporate Cloud Services

Provide secure, compliant, and highly flexible cloud computing services based on your needs to maximize the use of computing resources.


Public cloud

Third parties provide cloud infrastructure for the public or large-scale industries for collective use.


Private cloud

Cloud infrastructure for specific organizations.


Hybrid cloud

The cloud infrastructure, composed of two or more public clouds and private clouds, can operate on any of the different clouds depending on needs


Application Service Middle Platform

The architecture of dual middle platforms between business and data is the foundation of the new-generation corporate application architecture. Enterprises adopt Kubernetes to manage clusters of containerized applications through upgrades of the technical architecture while providing a shared, interconnected, integrated, and innovative middle platform to provide the front-end with consistent experience and to support the development of front-end business in an agile manner.

Microservices platform

In the selection of docker container, vmware Tanzu and Red Hat OpenShift are the main management platforms chosen in the industry. Enterprises can choose microservices platform depending on the needs to ensure that the enterprises to achieve maintenance and operation easily 24/7 while achieving the management of flexible horizontal expansion and deployment in a millisecond. 

Cloud native planning and establishment

Cloud native application is an architectural model that allows us to use containerized infrastructure to build loosely coupled service applications and to accelerate application deployment through DevOps to achieve agile development and rapid delivery. It is suitable for enterprises’ internal cloud computing environment. With the Java and C# programming languages, Webcomm introduces a cloud native application framework, and integrates distributed message queue middleware, distributed cache service, automated business process service, and API management platform solutions, to assist enterprises in creating the foundation for modern applications.

DevOps process planning and establishment

Transcending development and operations, DevOps aims to include all stakeholders of applications: entities in charge of platform and infrastructure engineering, security, compliance, governance, and risk management, business units, general users, and clients in the software development life cycle.

Consulting Support

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