Smart data

Strengthen the quality of decision-making through data-driven approaches and promote the engine of innovation
Identify and extract key information
Demonstrate the values of digital technology services

Data virtualization platform

It features rapid data delivery and matching. Through data virtualization, enterprises no longer need to copy and transcribe complex data across systems to conduct analyses and inquiry across different data sources, allowing enterprises to make more effective decisions in response to market demands more effectively and in real time.

Data governance service middle platform

Data middle platform links multiple data sources to allow for transparent control, efficient integration and storage, and visual presentation while it is combined with advisory services to help enterprises obtain commercial values from data analyses, to improve user experience and core business indicators with the best solution.

Data Lake Management Platform

We provide professional services to assess the frequency of data flow, data structure, and data volume based on the application scenarios; plan and establish a complete data middle-platform architecture, allowing enterprises to obtain data through the data middle platform to make key business decisions in the face of different business contexts and challenges. We have assisted many domestic financial clients to establish a complete data middle-platform architecture to solve the problems of client data quality, non-real-time data access, and inconsistent data from various aspects, ranging from data conversion, storage, virtualization to presentation.

Data Bus

We provide professional services to conduct inventory of metadata, inspect data quality systematically, and provide a data flow scheduling system to monitor the time and status of processing data flow. The scalable architecture can integrate information from external data processing systems effectively and provide a single visual view for data processing problem troubleshooting.

AI as a service

Through the template packaging components and model monitoring mechanism and the visualized management interface, we increase the efficiency of establishment and management of a data scientist model, to maintain the accuracy of machine learning models effectively.

Consulting Support

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