Information Security Technology

We safeguard the application of digital technology with outstanding information security countermeasures, to meet enterprises’ needs for information security services during digital transformation. We satisfy enterprises’ needs for the information security services for digital identity solutions during digital transformation.

Digital Identity Solution

We have completely integrated FIDO and SSO in identity verification, and include it in access management, to help enterprises to implement the most secure and highly-governed information security control for remote work. This is also a critical foundation for zero trust.

Improves convenience of user login
Reduces the risk of identity theft
Makes it easier for flexible expansion in the cloud

Digital Identity Verification

Password-less verification (FIDO) is combined with single sign-on (SSO) to allow users to log in securely at any time and place, to strengthen the convenience and security of user login and verification. It is the best information security solution to identity authentication for remote work.

Password-less verification
3D facial authentication
Identity access management
One-time password service

FIDO Digital Identity Verification

As a sponsor member of the FIDO Alliance, we provide the internationally certified and highly complete FIDO digital identity solution. Through biometric identification, users can log in quickly and securely. It is a secure and compliant password-less authentication service that is easy to set to prevent the risk of account and password theft effectively. With SSO, it can provide enterprises with more complete double security protection.

Multi-factor authentication Soft Token

Soft Token is a digital identity authentication tool to prevents password leaks

Single Sign-On for Enterprises

It addresses the inconvenience of repeated entry of passwords and reduces the complexity of system operations. We integrate a standard authentication mechanism with other systems, along with FIDO or Soft Token, to provide enterprises with double security protection and fast and convenient services.


Oauth authentication and authorization solution

It handles identity authorization across different platforms through OAuth, which greatly improves the convenience of users’ operations and allows them to focus on experiencing products and services.

Digital identity governance--SailPoint


Digital Identity Governance
As IdentityIQ can help enterprises manage user access permissions and compliance audit records to strengthen and ensure data security within the organizations and to reduce the risk of data leaks.

Consulting Support

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